Caroline Rosenau (BVFK)

director, post-production, producer & additional photography


Since 2001 freelance cinematographer for various broadcasters (ARD / Arte / ZDF / BBC and many more) and since 2008 freelance editor. She completed her film studies in cinematography and screenwriting at the University of Design in Karlsruhe. She is the owner of Liquid filmcompany in Tübingen (cinematography, post-production & lecturer, member of the BVFK – Association of cinematographers for television). With a focus on documentaries as well as corporate films and commercials.

René Munder

cinematographer & drone operator

Since 1998 working in cinematography at the film and television production Osswald in Stuttgart. He shoot documentaries for ZDF & ARD, corporate movies and commercials and he works as a drone operator.

Nico Gerspacher

creative producer & co-producer

Since 2015 full-time filmmaker and producer as well as ceo of Übergrafisch UG. In addition to directing commercials, corporate and short films, also involved in numerous feature film and documentary productions as a producer and creative producer, including for the film funded and award-winning documentary film “Dear Future Children” (2021).

Britt Abrecht

production Design & producer

Currently studying at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy.

She has been a freelance filmmaker since 2016 and produced her first award-winning feature film “Im Schatten der Sonne” as a director and author. In addition to organizing film productions and festivals, she works on her own (short) film projects, corporate films and commercials.

Sandra Beuck

marketing & animation

After successfully studying “Online Media” (B.Sc.) and “Design of Interactive Media” (M.A.) at Furtwangen University, she worked there as an academic assistant in the “Digital Media” faculty. In addition to supporting students with projects, theses and working as a lecturer, she was responsible for the preparation, production and distribution of various marketing measures in the faculty. She then worked as a “motion designer” in an advertising agency in the areas of “social media”, “photography” and “web design”.

Sandra has been a full-time media producer with a focus on marketing / social media since 2021.

Stefan Ziethen

film composer

Studied at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy.

2006 freelance composer for film and television. In addition to cinema documentaries such as “Nowitzki – the perfect throw”, “Nice Places To Die” or “Klitschko”, he works for formats such as “Die Story im Ersten” or “Menschen Hautnah”.

Sylvio Pretsch

sound editor, mixing sound engineer & sounddesign

For 20 years in recording studios, including in Berlin. Audio post production for film & TV,such as TV Commercials for LIDL International, Lufthansa, VW, Hornbach and much more ..

Since November 2019 freelance sound editor and mixer engineer in Leipzig. Specialization in audio post-production, especially speech intelligibility for film and television, e.g. a cinema documentary “Anton Bruckner – A Giant in the Making”.


Markus Rebholz

surround sound recordist

Graduated from the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in 2017, since then freelance sound mixer and sound designer for feature films, documentation and advertising, including award-winning projects such as the cinema documentary “Closing Time”. He is a guest lecturer for original sound at the HdM and the Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg. 

Marie Brockmann

trailerediting & postproduction

Graduate of the BAF – Bavarian Academy for Television and Digital Media, studies at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in the field of film editing.

She works as a film and video editor and has the Avid MC & Premiere Pro certificate.



Ulla Barthold


Working as a DP since 1986. Documentary. Video art. Experimental film. Teaching since 1988. UdK Berlin, FHD Düsseldorf, Reutlingen University.

2011 – 2018 honorary professor at the Institute for Music and Media at the Robert Schumann University Düsseldorf.

Oliver Grün

additional photography

Studied communications engineering in cologne. Since 1990 he is working as a cinematographer & editor for news, documentaries (ZDF, WDR, DW, BBC, Channel 7, CNN Jakarta) as well as commercials and image films. Teacher for TVRI (Indonesia). 


Johannes Klemt

additional Photography & droneoperator

studies in Potsdam and works as a freelance cameraman and drone operator for advertising and image films. He also works as a director and writer for short films and the corona crisis has made the production of live streams another field in which he has specialized.

Additional Photography & AC

Dominik Wieck

Carsten Gierke

Markus Rebholz

Jörg Lehmann

Britt Abrecht

Nico Gerspacher

René Munder

Caroline Rosenau


Foley Artist, Sound Mixer & Sounddesign

Volker Armbruster

Web programming support

Andreas Reich

Associate Producer

Enzo Gromiko


Film Speaker

Hannah Jasna Hess

Falk Döhler

Jamin Boskovic

Sandra Beuck

Valentin Herfel

Dominik Wieck

Michelle Hitscherisch

Ferdi Oda


Dramaturgy Consulting Filmediting

Stefan Weiß



Sandra Beuck                                             

Michelle Hitscherisch 

Marcel Renner

Gina Crivellin